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Nick Doutrich

Solo Cornet

Nick Doutrich, a Dallas based trumpet player, holds a Bachelor's degree in Trumpet Performance from Oklahoma State University and a Master's in Education and Performance from Southern Methodist University. His main instructors have been Ryan Anthony, Tom Booth, and Ryan Gardner, under whose guidance he honed his craft. 

Nick's achievements include winning the ensemble division of the National Trumpet Competition twice and reaching the finals in the solo division twice. His playing has resonated internationally, with performances in Japan and China, and a notable guest artist position at the Shanghai American School in Shanghai. 

Before his current role in software engineering, Nick taught publicly as a middle school band director, happily contributing to the growth of young aspiring musicians. He continues to engage in music actively, performing with the Dallas Brass Band and maintaining a commitment to his art while balancing a career in technology.

Nick Doutrich headshot
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